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Battery powered GSM
smoke and carbon monoxide
alarm system

FUMEREX is designed
to save lives

Detects smoke and carbon monoxide levels.
Warns the owners via text message.

Battery lifetime: 18 months.

When notified, change the battery yourself

Extremely simple installation and configuration.

No wires, no power, no professional services needed

If CO level increases or smoke is detected
Fumerex will text all cellphone numbers configured.

Installing Fumerex

Remove the base pad

Insert 2G SIM card (remove PIN code before inserting).

Insert the battery.

Attach Fumerex to the ceiling or wall.

Press TEST button for 2 seconds

When red led starts blinking, Call Fumerex number once.


Frequently asked questions

  • Where is user manual?
    The full manual is HERE. It is a PDF.
  • How to replace FUMEREX battery?

    Please follow these steps:

    1. Turn FUMEREX counter-clockwise to detach it from the mounting plate.

    2. Gently pull the device down.

    3. Remove the old battery from the battery pocket.

    4. Press TEST button to fully discharge device internal electrical capacities.

    5. Position the new battery into the battery slot based on the positive/negative terminals indicated on the enclosure of FUMEREX.

    6. Ensure the plastic battery holder is fully depressed when the battery has been fitted.

    7. Re-attach FUMEREX to the mounting plate by turning the device clockwise until it snaps into place.

    8. Using the TEST button, test the device to verify if it is operational
  • I have pressed TEST button and called to FUMEREX but it is out of GSM radio coverage!

    When you pressed the TEST button FUMEREX entered wake-up mode, however technically it needs several seconds to communicate and register to your mobile operator. Please wait 30-40 seconds after pressing TEST button and then try to call your FUMEREX. In case it doesn't work take out SIM card from FUMEREX and put it in to your mobile phone. Make sure SIM card have disabled PIN code. Dial and text to your phone number to see if the SIM card able to make phone calls and deliver text messages.

    If the siren doesn't sound after you pressed TEST button please replace the battery.
  • Can I install FUMEREX in the bathroom?
    FUMEREX detector can not separate the steam from smoke. So if you like to take shower in extremely noisy environment then yes - install FUMEREX in the bathroom. In other case please do not install it in the environment where it can be exposed to the steam. It is best to install the Fumerex in sleeping, living rooms, where it can save lives more effectively.
  • I have received text message with CO critical level. But I am feeling good, I don't smell anything. What shall I do?
    CO is very toxic gas, but unfortunately you cannot smell, taste or see it. Please don't risk and take necessary actions to save your life and people around you. First of all open all windows and doors to increase the rate of ventilation. Then turn off the fuel-burning appliances where possible and do not use them again until they'll be verified by competent person. For more detailed actions please read the FUMEREX user manual.
  • I smoked in my room and FUMEREX started alarm. What should I do?
    If you are sure there are no other smoke source in your room, press TEST button on FUMEREX. It will stop the alarm for a while. Then open windows and doors to ventilate your room. Have you considered quitting?
  • Do I really need to test FUMEREX weekly?
    Please test your FUMEREX weekly just in one case - if you really care of your own life and lives of people around you.
  • I have received Command error text message from FUMEREX. What's wrong?

    In case you sent any command to FUMEREX, please check the syntaxes of command. For example ensure there are no unnecessary spaces in your SMS text message.

    In case you didn't text any messages to FUMEREX, please ensure that FUMEREX SIM card's GSM operator has disabled missed call information via SMS message service.
  • I do not understand light and sound signals.

    If You are using the user manual, there should not be issues with signals. However, there is a Support page, containing Indications and Troubleshooting sections.
  • Who is behind Fumerex?.

    ELDES is European company, developing and producing smart home intrusion alarm solutions since 2005, now operating in 80 countries worldwide. Fumerex is one of ELDES developed brands. To get in touch, use the details on the bottom of this page.


electrical and mechanical characteristics

Primary 9V Lithium 1200mAh ANSI/NEDA 1604LC
Number of batteries
Current consumption in standby mode
15μA max
Peak current consumption in wake-up mode
350mA max
GSM modem frequency
Battery operation time
18 months*
Smoke detection type
Photoelectric chamber
Carbon monoxide detector type
Sensitivity to smoke
3.0-6.0 % O bs/m
Carbon monoxide concentration detection
0... 400 PPM
Alarm sound level
85dB at 3m (85dB at 9.84ft)
Range of operating temperatures
.5... +45°C (41... 113°F)
0-90% RH @ 0... +40°C (0-90% RH @ 32... 104°F) (non-condensing)
Smoke detector lifetime
10 years
Carbon monoxide detector lifetime
7 years
110mm Ø (4.33in)
* The specified operation time applies in case of no alarms and when having the device tested once a week.
The operation time might vary in different conditions.
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